Happy Dance at Home

July 9, 2008

My friend Scott sent me this video recently. It shows a guy named Matt doing a little happy dance at various locations around the world:

Happy Dance

Matt’s story started a few years ago when he quit his job to travel around Asia. He decided that wherever he went, he would make a little video of himself doing his little dance. In every tiny village, in every remote spot, Matt danced. And he put it on video. And, as happens, the videos ended up on YouTube and Matt became known as “that guy who dances in those videos.” Then, the makers of Stride gum contacted him and offered to send him around the world, to even more exotic locations, this time on their dime. Good publicity for Stride, more travel/dancing opportunities for Matt. Eventually Matt expanded the videos to include other people dancing with him. All over the world, people doing a silly little happy dance.

I don’t know why these videos move me so much. They seem to capture a kind of joy we all have in just being alive. People are pretty much the same everywhere. We all want to feel joy. We all want to feel that we’re connected somehow, to other people and other places. It’s just a little happy dance, and pretty much everyone, everywhere looks silly doing it. But the point is – just dance. Feel joy.

What does this have to do with home decor?

I think that for many people, our homes are a place where we express our joy at being alive, being part of the planet. Our homes are where we feel safe, where we feel relaxed, where we gather with friends and family to celebrate special occasions, and everyday life. Whether your home is a place that’s vibrant and full of color, a minimalistic contemporary space, or a funky mix of whatever, our homes are an opportunity to say to the world “This is my space. This is my happy place.”

It doesn’t have anything to do with how much your house costs, or how expensive your furniture is. It’s your own little safety zone in a big, big world.

I recently painted my living room and dining room. There was nothing wrong with the previous color, per se – it just didn’t make me happy. It was an odd, off color. It always felt heavy and slightly oppressive to me, and just wrong. The new color is light and serene and classic. It makes me happy now to be in those rooms.

I’m in between jobs right now (thanks, economy!) so I’m spending a lot more time at home, and it seems more important than ever that I feel good while I’m there. As I search for work, and try to figure out what I want to do with my future, what my possibilities are, I want to be in a space where I feel joy.

All it took was a little paint and a couple of days. I have now transformed those rooms into a place where I feel happy. In fact, I think I’ll go in there right now and do my own silly little happy dance. (As soon as the Advil kicks in. Painting ceilings is mad hard work!)

I hope your home is a place where YOU feel like dancing!


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