Paint, Part II

July 13, 2008

Two gallons. That’s all it will take. And then I’ll be happy.

Okay. Not happy. I’ll never be happy until I live in one of those grand Spanish Colonials up in Rossmoyne, with all the arches and a little courtyard and a flat patio with sufficient space for outdoor entertaining.

Okay, that’s totally not true. I am happy. Right now. I realize that I am very fortunate and I have a lot of wonderful things in my life and I know that material possessions mean nothing, in the grand scheme, and if we constantly look outward for satisfaction we will constantly be disappointed and empty. I know that a beautiful Spanish Colonial with an authentic Batchelder fireplace or perhaps Catalina tile will NOT make me a better person. A beautiful house is just a “thing.” (A fantastic, wonderful thing that I covet.) But true happiness comes from within, and only when we are content with where we are and what we have, will we truly be able to yada yada yada.

I’m painting the bedroom.

After seeing how nice the living room/dining room look with the new ivory paint, I’ve decided to do the bedroom too. I think I’ll use the same color, because choosing paint colors? Seventh circle of hell! I did a test board in the bedroom and I think it’ll work. I think it ties in very nicely with the ivory in the rug and is a nice neutral background for the other colors in the room, especially the pecan drapes which should look great against ivory walls, and there seems to be some yellowish-ivory in the duvet, so I THINK it will work. Of course, this is me, the Queen of not knowing colors, so we’ll have to see.

I keep feeling I have to do all these projects now, while I’m not working, because I know once I get a fabulous new job I’ll be too busy to do much around the house for a while. You know – la di dah, I’m just going about my life, doing this and that, tearing the house apart, knee deep in paint cans and oh? What’s this? You’d like me to come work at your ad agency and think up clever banners for web campaigns? Well, I suppose I can finish faux-marbling the fireplace later. (Pssst – not really! I would NEVER faux-marble anything. That’s just me trying to fake out the universe with my very busy and involved life, because when you sit around waiting for things to happen, they never do, and then as soon as you start to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room you have to fly to Singapore. Or something. I have a very active imagination.)

So – new paint in the bedroom. We’ll take it from there.


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