The Circle of (Design) Life …

July 25, 2008

The people at HGTV are really smart. They’ve figured out a way to ensure that they will always have new programming.

The design shows go into someone’s house and completely personalize it. They paint the rooms orange! They staple sheets of shiny silver to the walls! They drape canvas from the ceiling! They use a garden planter for a nightstand! They use a nightstand for a garden planter! It’s unique! It’s special! It’s designed Just For You!

And then, when it’s time to sell, the staging shows come in and completely remove all traces of personality. They paint walls a neutral color. They take away almost all of the furniture. They artfully arrange a bowl of green apples on the completely clutter free counters.

They leave a blank slate for the next owner.

And so it goes, the unending Circle of Design – design, neutralize, design, neutralize.

Respect the design cycle, and you will be on the path to enlightenment and a nice furniture flow. Reject the design cycle and you will live in chaos and confusion, and no one will bid on your house.

Now please excuse me while I go off to find some crystals to glue to my ceiling.


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