Finding My Voice

August 1, 2008

I’ve sort of been questioning my whole blogxistence recently.

There are so many fun blogs out there, wonderful blogs, and so many bloggers who have much better expertise than I do. I’m not a designer or a decorator. I’m a writer. I love to write about home decor, but I have no actual advice to offer. The only thing I have that’s different than anyone else is my voice, which, admittedly, can be a little dark at times. So I edit myself. I try to be helpful and sunny, like some of the other blogs I read. I truly love and admire these blogs. They are inspirational. They are written by women who seem kind and wonderful – women I’d love to be friends with.

I’m just – not like that. Not that I don’t have friends. I have some very good friends who go way back with me, and they seem to appreciate my somewhat cynical, grumpy view on life. But I know that the world doesn’t need more negativity, so I restrain myself and try to put forth good and light into the universe.

Except – sometimes I just can’t help it. Like my reaction to this recent horrifying story:

From Yahoo news:


“A traveler aboard a Greyhound bus repeatedly stabbed and then decapitated his seat mate …
Greyhound spokeswoman Abby Wambaugh said 37 passengers were aboard, many watching the on-board movie”

I could hardly believe this when I read it! Greyhound shows movies on their buses?



  1. Not only that, but kids take fridges to college as a matter of course!

    Loved your comment on BlogHer and just wanted to urge you to join us at midlifebloggers.com. We cherish the cynical and the grumpy!

  2. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I’m “just a writer,” too. I have no decorating expertise or anything, either. I always figure the only thing I’ve got to share is myself–my voice, my passions, my stories, and my point of view.

    So I say go for it and be yourself. That way you’ll attract the right readers who “get” you. It’s too exhausting being sunny all the time for other people anyway. -Julia 🙂

    P.S. I laughed out loud at your line about Greyhound showing movies.

  3. I laughed out loud at your Greyhound line, too.

    As regards good and light and all of that… meh. A little darkness now and then provides a nice contrast, I always say. 😉

  4. For those of you who haven’t read Mir’s blog – go read it now. She’s an amazing writer. You can find her at http://www.wouldashoulda.com

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