Welcome To My New (Imaginary) Home

August 4, 2008

Front of House

Oh – hi! I thought I heard the front door. Come on in.

You must be a friend of Julia’s, over at HOOKED ON HOUSES. She said you might be stopping by.

Welcome to the north-west part of Glendale, California, a neighborhood filled with a mixture of grand 1920s and 1930s Spanish Colonials and Tudors, as well as smaller bungalows and homes built in the 40’s and later. Luckily, many have been preserved to retain their original architectural details.

One example is my new home. (The home exists. But the fantasy that it’s mine is completely in my imagination.) The former owners still haven’t moved their furniture out. In fact, I was hoping you might be them! They’re fine with us showing the house as it is. They’ll be moving out soon and I can not wait to start decorating.

I absolutely love this house. It’s a 1930 Spanish Revival, and this exterior is so romantic and beautiful, with the balcony and the huge arched window. It’s the essence of California to me. This is the kind of home I’ve wanted for years, and now it’s actually mine! (In my dreams.)

Sorry – listen to me going on and on. Come in, come in. Here’s the entry, with the stairs to the second floor. I love the wrought iron railing. I can’t wait to have a party and make a grand entrance down those stairs. Check out the authentic floor tile. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Do you want some water? Is Pellegrino okay or do you prefer spring water? I have both. Come on into the kitchen. As you can see, they completely renovated and updated in here, but they kept the feeling and character of the period. I wasn’t sure about the green cabinets at first, but they’re growing on me. And the Marmoleum floors are a bit bold for my taste, but it’s all done so well I don’t think I’ll change a thing.

Kitchen with breakfast nook

I absolutely LOVE breakfast nooks, don’t you? Look at all the light that comes in through these windows. I can’t wait to sit here, reading the morning paper, drinking my coffee, coming up with new ideas for articles, maybe even that second book my (imaginary) publisher keeps bugging me about. I’ll probably get a round table for here, don’t you think? And leave the windows uncovered to let all that fabulous California light in.

Breakfast Nook

Let’s go into the living room – we’ll pass the dining room on the way. I can’t wait to get a huge carved dark wood Spanish Colonial table in here, and some chairs, maybe the ones with red leather seats. And I’ll probably change that chandelier. I’d love to see something a bit more rustic up there, or maybe a very Spanish looking round iron one. It’s going to be so much fun decorating this place (in my imagination.)
Dining Room

Anyway, here’s the living room, with that amazing arched window. I’m going to repaint in here, though – I’m not big on the red walls. I like pale walls, maybe ivory or a warm white. I think it really pops the dark furniture. Can you see the dark wood beams up there? Such a classic architectural detail for this style of house.
Living room

Isn’t the fireplace great?

And these original sconces on each side of the fireplace? This was Hollywood at its best – so romantic and full of fantasy. I think we all need a little fantasy in our lives, no? This is the type of house that inspires my imagination.
Come on – you have to see the backyard. It’s sooooo pretty. I do not have any talent for gardening, but this space back here is a great motivator to learn.

back garden

And what about this pergola?
What a pretty spot to sit and have a meal with good friends. That’s the best part about living in California, being outside practically all year. When I’m not away on my (imaginary) book tour, that is. And I can’t wait to jump into that inviting pool.


The bathroom? Sure. Use the yellow one, right upstairs. While you’re in there take a look at the original built-ins. Such character.

Yellow tile bath
Yellow bath sink

Well, thanks so much for stopping by. I should be getting back to the computer now. I’ve got to work on that (imaginary) new chapter for my (imaginary) book. It’s a struggle not to get too distracted dreaming about all the random acts of home decor I’ll be performing in my new (imaginary) house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour. I found this house through a local realtor, Gerri Cragnotti, who specializes in these types of older character homes. She’s got a great website it you want to look at other amazing houses, or if you want more detailed info about this particular house.

Have fun seeing all the other houses on Julia’s open house blog tour!



  1. Wow! I’m swooning over this one. I’m just crazy about the kitchen and kitchen nook, which are sooo charming. And that yellow bathroom just put it over the edge for me. Beautiful!

    Oh–I also love the outdoor spaces they have, with the pergola. And is that a fountain I see?

    Great house tour, Tara. Thanks for joining our blog party! -Julia 🙂

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  3. I want that kitchen sink and faucet!!! And that outdoor eating space. Lovely to dream about. Thanks.

  4. ….be still my heart!! This is a fabulous home you have, and the outdoors is just lovely! How much time have you put into renovating it?

    (see how I am letting you have your imaginary moment…we ALL need those 😉

    Thank you sooo much…I WILL be back!

  5. A beautiful home. I especially like the kitchen and breakfast nook! Thank you for joining, Julia’s tour.

  6. Oh.

    THAT HOUSE is amazing and I want it!


    Thanks for swinging by my “place” you officially have a new reader who just happens to be a TEXAS MAC(middle aged chic),lol!

    Have an amazing and blessed rest of the week!

  7. beautiful! when you buy it, be sure to invite me over for a visit.

  8. WOW, that home is perfect, isn’t it?

    I live in what is ‘called’ a Spanish Style Home, but trust me, it isn’t! lol For one thing, it’s in Michigan, ’nuff said…and for another thing, only the front porch and foyer have any Spanish style going on…oh and the 2 chimneys outside, too…but that’s it…HELLO…when you start something, finish it, lol 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing this home, I absolutely love it and wish I could live there happily ever after 🙂

    Stop by my open house if you get the chance:)

    Nice to meet you!


  9. Rich color, wonderful house, gorgeous outside, what more could you want?

  10. I’m ready to move. The wall texture looks like real plaster not drywall. I love the look. I tried to replicate that in my own house with a skip trowel process. i think it turned out quite well. But there’s nothing like the real thing!

  11. Loved your house tour! Who wouldn’t love this house? Cleverly written tour, too. Can’t decide which I like more — the authentic vintage bathroom or the lovely kitchen and breakfast nook. Both so inviting.

  12. Love the wooden-paned doors and windows!

  13. I.want.it.all….NOW! We can decorate together when you get back from the book tour, OK?

    Janet @ Housepeepers

  14. Ohh wow..can I come live with you?!

  15. OK, this one made me chuckle. I love this house and I would not change a thing. Thanks for sharing. We don’t see many (any) of those type homes here in TN. I grew up in FL though so the DH and I love this style.

  16. Super gorgeous home. Love the *bumble bee* bathroom!

  17. Haha what a cute tour! Love the commentary.

    This isn’t exactly my style, but it’s amazing nevertheless. I *heart* the kitchen and cabinets. Pretty!

  18. Hi, Tara, thanks for stopping by to see my bedroom! OK, when do we move into this one?! Just gorgeous, I’m with Julia, swooning too. Thanks for the tour, imaginary or not!


  19. One of my favorite things (and one I will incorporate into a house that I build someday) is arched or round windows! I love the kitchen too, thanks for sharing it!

  20. Julia took the words right out of my mouth…the kitchen and bath are delicious! The whole house inside and out is a dream!

  21. Well, I am your fantasy neighbor dropping by to tell you I LOVE your home and cannot wait to be invited back for a glass of wine in your pergola.

  22. Beautiful. I especially like the fireplace in what looks like Batchelder tiles.

  23. I can’t believe it, but I LOVE that yellow bathroom! Gorgeous house.

  24. I love this home! That yellow bathroom tile is to die for! Old homes are GREAT! There are definitely some fantastic old homes in Glendale. WOW… thanks for the tour! Fifi

  25. Thanks for the tour !

  26. Great house, but more importantly, the best tour I read all day – thanks!

  27. Awesome house and thanks for the tour!

  28. I’m drooling… do you see?
    Wonderfully beautiful house with lots of character.

  29. Oooh I would love to sit in the outdoor room!

  30. You can NOT be moving in! I AM!!! LOL!! Thanks for the tour!! Loved it…


  31. Stunning, I am packing my bags now! This is exactly the type of house I think of when someone says “California”. Thanks for sharing this fabulous house and for stopping by my house tour.

  32. Well i was not going to comment ,i am a little upset because i was the one you outbid trying to buy this house. Remember , we kept going back and forth, but you got it. Yea, hope you enjoy it… lol mishelle I have a good imagination too. thanks for the tour..

  33. Thanks for dropping my blog! How about we enjoy an imaginary cup of tea out on the veranda of that imaginary house of yours? And if I go to the bathroom and don’t come back for a while, no worries, I’m just admiring the stunning yellow, black and white tile work. Love it!

  34. drool!jkj

  35. great blog–I will come back often

  36. I adore that kitchen! What a fun house tour.
    Thanks for sharing!

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